July 2020
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Registration is open for our next webinar installment, Life in an Immersion-Cooled Data Center — A Sneak Peek at Day-to-Day Operations. Sessions are available in three regions, making it easy to fit into your schedule — no matter where you are in the world!

Missed an installment? Catch-up by viewing previous sessions on-demand:

  • May: The Game-Changing Benefits of Immersion Cooling — View On-Demand
  • June: Overcoming Today's Top Data Center Challenges — View On-Demand

Registration Is Open for August's Webinar —
Three Regional Sessions to Choose From!

Asia-Pacific August 5th @ 11am IST Register >>
North America August 5th @ 11am PST Register >>
Europe August 6th @ 11am CEST Register  >>
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GRC DCD Keeping IT Cool

Join us for DCD's Keeping IT Cool virtual conference. GRC's Curt Wallace and other leading experts on data center cooling from around the world will share case studies and cutting edge insights that address the industry's cooling needs as they approach 100 kW/rack.

Register Today
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GRC The Plane Truth Sustainability Blog Social Art

Did you know? The carbon footprint of the data center industry is nearly as large as the 'airlines’ — and soaring higher. This blog strives to raise awareness, increase visibility of the solutions, and stop the trend that has the data center  industry on pace to becoming the highest-flying polluters.

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GRC Data Center Cold Wars Part 1 Blog

Legacy air-cooling and transformative single-phase immersion cooling go head-to-head in this tech comparison blog. These two methods battled it out in eight key categories — and now it's up to you to review the scorecards and declare which will be the winner in your data center!

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GRC Learning Center Social Post

Our new Learning Center has been posted online! And, it's easier to use & filled with more industry thought-leadership & informative content than ever. From Analyst Reports to White Papers to Data Sheets, you'll find everything you need to stay up-to-date on data center cooling trends.

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GRC TCO Calculator 3

Wondering if the cost saving claims of immersion cooling are too good to be true? Go ahead and run the numbers yourself with our online TCO calculator. Simply enter your data center's specs and we’ll show you your annual and 10-year savings broken down by CAPEX and OPEX.

Calculate Your TCO
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GRC Cabling Best Practices with Immersion Cooling Social 20200717-1

Cabling Installation and Maintenance's article, by GRC Senior Solutions Architect Curt Wallace, explains how manufacturers design systems with cabling in mind, the types of material to avoid, how to speed up server installation in an immersion-cooled rack, and more.

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Prasa Immersion-Cooled DC Walk-Through

Join Prasa on a virtual walk-through of a data center running our transformative technology. You'll discover how immersion-cooled operations provide a technician-friendly environment, simplify installation & maintenance, and extend equipment lifespan. 

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